Professional Columns Products

Column Material For Contractors

A well-built porch should be low-maintenance, and with Valley & Aetna Building products, we help building contractors install the best solutions for porches that last a lifetime. Make a lasting impression with quality columns and posts that enhance the exterior of your customer’s home.

The PermaCast columns are created from a proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer composite that has minimum maintenance with incredible strength-to-weight characteristics. Our columns are weatherproof, very durable and insect-proof. To fit your building’s exact size and architecture, they have a number of styles and dimensions offered.

The PermaLite square and round columns are cost-effective, load-bearing, weather and insect proof, and require very little maintenance. In addition, they also come ready to prime and paint with the HB&G Limited Lifetime Warranty. You will find everything you need for column building that incorporates design and functionality all at a reasonable price.

Product Lines


Permacast® Round Columns

PermaCast® round fiberglass columns are load bearing and can be ordered fluted or plain, with or without the classic tapering of the upper two-thirds of the column.

Permacast® Square Columns

PremaCast® square fiberglass columns are load bearing and are available in a variety of styles, including plain, fluted, applied or recessed panel, RoughSawn®, as well as craftsman style.

Permalite® Columns

PermaLite® fiberglass columns are load bearing, weather and insect proof, and require very little maintenance. This cost effective line of columns comes ready for paint and carries the HB&G lifetime warranty.